EPL is a private company that invests through its subsidiaries in real estate, logistics equipment, communications and supporting technologies focused on the Australian logistics sector. We invest over 30% of the group’s revenue alone in real estate such as warehouses, office buildings and land close to air and sea ports.

EPL Holding serves as the group’s investment vehicle. Facilitated by total group revenue and profits, the group’s subsidiaries identify and acquire strategic interests and provide the necessary finance to support the acquisition of new assets and projects.
Our investment approach and philosophy is very unique in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. We believe our company’s asset are a combination of our long standing clients and our investment portfolio, which helps to sustain our cash flow over the long term and fund further business investment.

In the long run, ownership of our facilities warehouses, equipment and office building reduces our overall costs and provides our client and business associates with security and stability when dealing with the EPL group of companies.