EPL offers excellent airfreight services, meeting clients’ priorities by ensuring space and the shortest possible transit for time-bound cargo. With strategic alliances with major carriers, we offer air-consol and direct services from all major airports worldwide.

Our extensive air networks ensure easy, efficient and reliable transportation of your cargo. Due to EPL’s operational scale, we plan according to your production schedules to improve inventory flow while still offering very favourable rates.

With a reputation based on trust and integrity, EPL offers clients means of transport that are cost-efficient and time-critical. We have a choice of multiple carriers enabling us to deliver flexible and dependable solutions to clients. We are equipped to handle charters for special projects, oversized cargo and dangerous goods.



  • Export and import airfreight consolidations
  • Special airfreight rates for bulk movements
  • Association with all major airlines
  • Attractive rates for chartered services
  • Flexible and dependable scheduling options
  • Increased security during transit