E-Business & IT Infrastructure


At EPL, we strongly believe that logistics capabilities flourish when information between all parties is shared and the use of information technology is maximised. We use the latest technology solutions, which enables us to deliver very responsive and transparent services to our customers and to continually improve our operations.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an integral part of our business-to-business communications with our customers. Direct EDI data solutions allow us to exchange information such as bookings, shipping instructions, status information, inventory control, and much more, directly with customers’ computer systems.

Our system features are unrivalled and include: 

  • Real-time Information through our on-line web log-in
  • Point-to-point shipment tracking and real time visibility 24/7
  • Purchase-order management tracking
  • Customised shipment and trade analysis reports
  • Record of shipping documentation
  • Landed costing analysis
  • Customised management reports
  • Data transfer and synchronising
  • Ability to generate any form of file to suit clients’ systems requirements format